Takutea is a brand of high-quality jeans for men and women, with a young and lively mood, designed for those who want to stand out in style in the grey urban jungle. Takutea is a brand of clothing specializing in the production of men and women's pants with an Italian design and is the result of the strong passion and sense of style of designer Lucio Mauro and stylist Valeria Vittoria.

Lucio Mauro and Valeria Vittoria are two young creative talents from Italy, who have transformed their ideas into a success.

Valeria, who grew up in the world of fashion entrepreneurship, continues a long family tradition with great sense of initiative and curiosity towards emerging trends.

Lucio loves to look for cutting-edge fittings, mixing man and woman styles with originality a mix that is also found in his creations.

Together, with courage and drive, they have created Takutea, a new interpretation of denim, combining the purity of what is free and unspoilt with the comforts of modern living.

Takutea name comes from a small earthly paradise, an atoll in the south east Pacific Ocean. Every model of Takutea jeans has a name in the Maori language and is embellished with unique embroidery, made with Tivaevae from the Cook Islands.

Tivaevae is a fabric produced by the women in the Cook Islands, a distinctive sign which recalls the spirit of the island, the history of the brand and its wild style idea.

Takutea is attention to details, a jungle mood conceived for an urban context, respect for nature and the environment, the colors of the island worn in the grey daily life of the city. Its jeans are comfortable, accessible and, thanks to their unique inserts, they are the ideal garment for free spirits who like to think out of the box.

Takutea is an animal-friendly company, which avoids the use of animal derived fabrics. In fact, it supports the Animal Free Project by LAV association for the care and protection of animals.

In this regard, the company has decided to be represented by a small bird, the Sula, the symbol of Takutea island, as well as brand logo.

The jeans, deliberately "used", are treated with délavé techniques and produced in different fittings: regular jeans, comfort and oversize to suit all types of style.

The fabrics, sought-after and trendy, are selected by Takutea through a careful analysis of the most cutting-edge suppliers. The predominant feature of Takutea collections is the 100% Cotton fabric and the famous Japanese selvedge fabric, highlighting the originality and tradition of the denim.

Italian jeans, but made unique by the colors of the Maori culture.