Ganor Dominic London

Ganor Dominic is an artistic, sculptural brand with a non-traditional aesthetic which aims to create wearable art.

The brand juxtaposes the duality of women - masculine and feminine, classical and avant garde - creating never seen before products that give a sense of novelty, innovation and newness.

Ganor Dominic shoes are for strong, eclectic women that make that juxtaposition coexist, challenging the norms of perception and expressing their unconventional side.


  • Unconventional design;
  • Newness;
  • Quality;
  • Comfort;
  • Excellence (packaging, branding, product);
  • Exclusiveness;
  • Great customer service.

Since the beginning, Ganor Dominic has manufactured its shoes in Italy with the fnest attention for detail. Each shoe is crafted by expert hands, allowing Ganor Dominic to deliver products of the highest quality. We source the best materials and most exceptional craftsmen to make our unique designs become reality.


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