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Freedom is a choice. Choice is change. Even small changes can be revolutionary.
Peaceful revolution sterts within us, in our hearts, arising out og a love of life, all our daily activities become our strength. Same as barely noticeable scarab beetle, we can be doing even small routine actions... but, if our intentions invested in these actions have love as a purpose - we are creators of history. We are responsible for what will happen to this world. And the universe supports and guides us on this path...

PYAAR - love (in hindi)
Love - the strongest drug, the main power of life, the powerful incantation, the purest emotion.
Love is what makes us closer to the supreme in us and in the world.

SCARADAEUS - symbol of the enormous creative energy of creation, born from the "GARBAGE" surrounding us - information, energy and other directly tangible things. The ball of scarab containing the seeds of a new life, was compared with the sun - the fiery sphere, carrying in itself the germ of all living things.

A pare FOUR-LEAF CLOVER variety symbolized four natural elements: earth, air, fire and water, and also denoted the whell of being.


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